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Lawn Care Services

Clearcut is an independent company and offer a full range of lawn care services designed to give a desirable law all year round. From one off treatments to year round programmes we can tailor our services to your lawn care needs. As we are not a franchise company we can offer bespoke treatments for you and your lawn.



Services we offer-


Applying a regular Fertiliser is the easiest way to replace the nutrients that your grass through mowing and seasonal stress requires to remain healthy all year round.

On inspection our staff will choose the best fertiliser from our wide range, to benefit your lawn based on its current health and time of year.

Spring Fertiliser
Summer Fertiliser
Autumn Fertiliser
Winter Fertiliser

On applying the product our staff will advise you on the best practices following the treatment such as watering in if required and how and when to mow the lawn the next time.

As a regular customer with a set program you will usually receive four main applications of Fertiliser through the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as well as top ups through the year to compensate for leaching and changing weather conditions.


Your lawn can always improve with a method of mechanical aeration at most times of the year as it serves many purposes.

The benefits of having your lawn aerated are:
– Oxygen gets to the roots and the soil allowing it to ‘breathe’
– Organic fertilisers and nutrients get access to the root system
– Water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system
– Helps to break up thatch
– Tight, compacted soil is loosened up allowing the root system to grow

Types of aeration carried out by by Clearcut are:
– Solid tine
– Hollow Coring (where hundreds of small cores are removed from the soil profile allowing holes to remain open longer and or have fresh soil/sand or dressing to be brushed into the holes breathing new life into the soil)
– Slit tinning (a long knife like blade slits the surface to a depth of around 15cm)
– Verti draining (for larger lawns the Verti drain is a tractor mounted aerator that can operate up to depths of 35cm with varying widths of tine 12mm to around 40mm)

Clearcut can offer this treatment as a one off to cure a lawn issue or as part of a package program of works.

Weed control

Weeds are one of the most common problems to overcome on the way to a perfect lawn.

The best method to control major weed problem is to spray liquid selective herbicide in the Spring months.

At Clearcut we take our spraying very seriously and will take into account any ecological or environmental concerns we may have for the area selected before commencing. All our operators are trained to apply the selective herbicides and hold current PA1 and PA6 licences.

For us to successfully control the weeds in the lawns depends upon our trained staff identifying the weeds in your lawn first before selecting the appropriate chemicals with the appropriate active ingredient.

Not all weed killers will work on every weed! So sometimes a combination of chemicals is required or a second treatment.

Following on the treatment we will advise you on the best course of action regards mowing regime and follow up care to help prevent weeds returning.

For all regular and program customers we check and often spot spray there and then any new weeds found in the lawn regardless of the treatment being carried out on the day.

Pest control

Lawn pests such as chafers leather jackets are on the rise with the ever changing seasonal weather.

Damage from lawn pests is often two fold with not only damage to the plant itself the pests are often a great food source for local wildlife such as Monk Jacks, Badgers and Birds. The effect of these animals have on the lawn can be devastating and leave the lawn often looking like a ploughed field.

Often people have had to relay or re-seed their lawns entirely but to little effect as the pests have returned the following year and the lawn has returned to its previous condition.

The application of pesticides or products to control the pests often requires licensing and training as well as very exact weather conditions at the time of application. On identifying the particular pest our trained staff will select and apply the right product from our range at the same time taking into consideration any environmental impact that the product may have.


Scarifing / Veri Cutting / De Thatching

What is Scarification?

Scarification is a mechanical process of removing thatch lateral growing grasses dead matter and moss in the lawn.

The benefits of scarifying your lawn are improved air flow between the grass blades which reduces the risk of disease. By removing moss and thatch from your lawn you allow air, nutrients and water to reach the root system again. It also helps herbicides, pesticides and granular feed to work much better – in turn your lawn becomes healthier and more resistant to insect damage and disease.

Clearcut staff asses the lawn as to how light or heavy scarify is required and advise on the further treatments required such as over seeding and Fertilising.

We recommend at least one scarification a year in a more formal lawn in the Spring or Autumn months.

Many of our program customers reap benefits of a Spring (lighter) and Autumn (heavier) scarify already factored into their years course of works as well as the follow up treatments of over seeding and fertilising.

Moss control

Moss can be a major problem over the winter months and can have drastic effect on the health of the lawn if left untreated. Clearcut has a variation of liquid and granular treatments to deal with this problem.

For best results a scarification and over seed would be recommended to further aid lawns recovery.

As a regular customer with a yearly program these treatments would often be applied as part of the continuing course of work as a preventative rather than a curative.

Over Seeding

Clearcut can offer a wide range of seeding options to improve your lawn.

Whether it’s the over seeding a soil bed, repairing a few bare areas or an important follow up to a Scarification the choice of seed and blend of seed is all important.

A thin lawn in the Spring can leave it likely to succumb to moss and weed.

From harder wearing species for the wear and tear of family life to a finer mixes of a more formal lawn our staff will select the perfect mix for your needs.

Wetting agents

Wetting agents can be applied throughout the year and can aid watering in the summer as well as drainage in the winter months.

Most commonly used in severe dry conditions when the soil has gone hydrophobic (water resistant) the agents help the water to penetrate the soil particles.

This can easily be applied in granular or liquid form and can be added as part of a package program or applied as a one off treatment.

Growth regulators

Regular applications of a growth regulator can cut down your mowing by up to 50%.

This will reduce stress and wear and tear from the mowing reducing risk of diseases and help prolong the life span of fertiliser and colour enhancement.



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